'Arcade' Track listing:
1. Invisible Tank
2. Arcade
3. Pimp Fett
4. Link's Great Dream
5. Coast To Coast
6. Star Harvester
7. Tachikoma Smiles
8. Mech War
9. Cosplay Girl
10. Luigi Gets The Princess
11. Nylon Wings
12. High Score

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About 'Arcade':

Ever been to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming convention? Into video games, comics, anime, and nerd culture in general? Well then, here is the soundtrack to all the stuff we love and do! What started as a project to create some new music for DragonConTV turned into a monster and, before I knew it, I had a bunch of music that worked together to perfectly form 'Arcade'!

Musically, 'Arcade' is a fusion of elements from EDM, Dubstep, Guitar Rock, Trance, and Pop. Combining that with my love of games, cons, anime, and sci-fi as inspiration, the end result is an instrumental album that embraces the geek world and pays homage to all of the above. Oh, and if you wish, you can dance to it too! :-)

Give a listen to a few tracks with the media player below:


Invisible Tank TrilogyInvisible Tank Trilogy
Free EP - click to download

Track listing:

1. Invisible Tank
2. Invisible Tank vs Giant Robot
3. Invisible Tank: The Final Battle

'Invisible Tank Trilogy'

I had the idea to expand on the opening track from 'Arcade', "Invisible Tank", while I was finishing the 'Arcade' album's mastering. While still instrumental music, the three tracks together tell a story and work as a concept piece. I won't lay the whole story out here,(the track titles should be fairly self-explanitory anyway). Just give a listen and use your imagination!

Musically, this EP is probably going to be the last of the Electronic/Trance/Dubstep style of material that you'll hear from me for a while. The 'Arcade' album was an important creative step for me, from which I learned a great deal and expanded my own creative horizons.

The upcoming album, 'Galaxies', is a guitar album first and fore-most, so 'Invisible Tank Trilogy' represents the closing of one musical chapter to lead into yet another. I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to offer it here for you to enjoy for free,(don't let that stop you from buying a copy of 'Arcade' via the links above or the upcoming 'Galaxies' when it's released, though)!

CS Brown's Discography of previous projects:

Ghost Circus:

Across The Line
Release Year: 2008
Label: ProgRock Records/SPV

Track Listing:
1. Reflection
2. Pathway
3. Holding On
4. To Be
5. Losing Time
6. Through The Darkness
7. Through The Light
... I. The Calling
....II. The Choice
....III. The Essence Of Life
....IV. The Sea Of Shadows
....V. Soaring Above
....VI. Breaking Through
....VII. The Distance Memory
....VII. the Final Steps
8. Across The Line

Release Year: 2006
Label: ProgRock Records

Track Listing:
1. Broken Glass
2. Cycles
3. Trick Of The Light
4. The Distance
5. Accelerate
6. Let It Flow
7. Send/Return
8. Mass Suggestion - part 1
9. Mass Suggestion - part 2

Roswell Six:
Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon
Rlease Year: 2009
Label: ProgRock Records

1 - 01. Ishalem
2 - 02. The Call of The Sea
3 - 03. I Am The Point
4 - 04. Letters In A Bottle
5 - 05. Halfway
6 - 06. Anchored
7 - 07. Here Be Monsters
8 - 08. The Sinking of The Luminara
9 - 09. The Winds of War
10 - 10. Swept Away
11 - 11. Beyond The Horizon
12 - 12. Merciful Tides
13 - 13. The Edge of The World

And there's more than that but it will be a while before I can get the full list of other albums I have written or played on up for viewing. Keep checking to see the full discography... eventually.


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