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CS Brown - Bio

CS Brown returns to the music world after a four year absence ready to release his 6th commercial album, a sci-fi-themed instrumental guitar album: ‘Galaxies’. Playing guitar for nearly thirty years, CS Brown’s unique guitar style combines soft soulful melodies, grooving rhythms, and fast technical solos. His progressive rock, heavy metal, and blues rock influences blend together to tell complex stories through sound.

Honing his skills during ten years as a solo acoustic artist, CS Brown composed and performed rich complex musical journeys inspired by artists such as Michael Hedges. He then formed the international progressive rock duo, Ghost Circus, along with Ronald Wahle of the Netherlands. Across the Atlantic, these artists released two albums on Prog Rock Records to great critical acclaim both in the US and in Europe. He has been a session player for nearly twenty years, and also collaborated with the progressive supergroup, Roswell Six on the album ‘Terra Incognita’.

Following the success of Ghost Circus, CS Brown released the guitar/EDM album ‘Arcade’, inspired by many of his favorite pastimes, such as gaming and anime. The album launched at DragonCon in 2013 and provided much of the music for DragonCon TV. 8 months later, the musical journey came to an abrupt halt when he suffered a severe heart attack. He went through a dark period at which point he thought of retiring from music. However, the pull of the guitar and need to compose never left. He fought that darkness and used the journey as inspiration.

Now ready to release his fourth solo album, CS Brown inspires the mind through epic landscapes of sound. Like most of his professional work, Galaxies is self-produced, with C.S. Brown composing and performing lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and keyboards recorded at Stuff Room Studio. Drums recorded at Saul Zonana's Studio Z, and performed by Noah Hungate. He lives in a suburb of Nashville with his wife, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.
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