CS Brown Bio... or something like that.

I'm not much of one for "industry-type" bio's and things but here goes: I make music. Lots and lots of music. Whether playing and writing, producing, or audio mastering, I spend most of my life making/working on music. The time I don't use doing that is spent gaming, reading/collecting comics, or engrossing myself in films and TV series,(I tend to watch whole series' in one shot on Netflix or Blu). I also spend much of my time at Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions of all kinds. Well, the fates eventually alligned and I've been able to bring ALL of that together into the original music I'm making now!

My latest album, 'Arcade', really is a musical summation of all the things in life I enjoy. Basically, I wanted to create an original soundtrack for geek culture - and that's what 'Arcade' turned out to be.

While there are dips and dives into Electronic Dance Music, Dubstep, and Trance in my new music, let's get one thing abundantly clear; I am not a DJ. I still consider myself a guitarist and composer first. Granted, I now spend half my time split between the guitar and keys, as well all the midi stuff and beat creation that goes along with what I do. Still, I'm a guitarist and composer above all things.
Prior to all this, I was in a duo called Ghost Circus, which was Progressive Rock and was great while it lasted! Yes, I was the singer as well as guitarist, bassist, and lyric writer. That being said, I hope to not have to sing again. I don't enjoy it.

Something that I did enjoy was being a part of the first Roswell Six album. I was a session guitarist on that and got to play behind some of my favorite people in Prog Rock. The best part of that experience, though, was becoming friends with the writer of the lyrics for that album, Sci-Fi author Kevin J. Anderson. The album was based on a new book he had written.
To help promote Roswell Six, I accompanied Kevin to DragonCon a few years ago. That turned into an annual event and, after meeting the right folks, I began working on some new music for DragonConTV for the 2013 event. Twelve of those pieces of music made the cut for the 'Arcade' album and that brings us back around to now.

I'll be bringing a live version of this music out soon and plan on touring the convention circuit by next year. In the meantime, get a digital copy of 'Arcade' from any of several online retailers, check out the Stuffy Room Podcast at csbrownmusic.com, and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Aside from that, enjoy a picture of me with a big hand on the right there.


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