Invisible Tank Trilogy EPCS Brown Releases Free EP
'Invisible Tank Trilogy'

While the new CS Brown album is still a few months away, here's something to tide you over! 'Invisible Tank Trilogy' is a final jaunt through the Electronic music style of the 'Arcade' album. Best of all, it's free to download! Click here, or on the cover image, to download from the Music page.

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The latest CS Brown album 'Arcade'
Digital release available at:
And many other digital outlets and streaming services

CS Brown at DragonCon 2013!

Yep! I created more than twenty pieces of music for the bumpers on DragonConTV this year! While not on every bumper, if you're at DragonCon 2013 you'll be bombarded by my stuff while waiting for a panel to begin, getting some much-needed rest in your room and watching DCTV, or anywhere DCTV is playing.

Of course, I'll be there! You'll find me roaming throughout the Con, at many of the parties in the evening, and occasionaly at Kevin J. Anderson's table on the second floor dealer room at the America's Mart. I'll have my new podcast gear with me at all times, so stop and say "hi" and you might just end up on the next Stuffy Room Podcast!

See you in Atlanta, Aug. 29th through September 2nd! ....... ...............................................
Hey! I'm doing a podcast now! Yeah, yeah, I'm late to the game on this one. I just never felt like yammering on about stuff until now... and that's what the Stuffy Room Podcast is all about! Me going on and on and on about stuff I do, stuff I like, and other people's stuff which I have no business commenting about but I do anyway! Who knows? Maybe a guest or two will stop in to defend themselves sometime!

Anyhoo, the first episode is up right now and there will be many more to come! Cick the image above to go to the Podcast page and listen or download. Keep checking, follow me on Twitter,(@CSBrownmusician) or Facebook so you can hear the latest Stuffy Room Podcast!

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